Not your average restaurant POS system.

Get the restaurant POS smart enough to help you run the full house, front to back. Take dining to another level with our restaurant POS solutions.

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We have got all the features you need in one solution.

You put your heart into your restaurant. Shouldn’t your POS company do the same? We think so, and that’s why POS Premier’s restaurant POS software is designed with passion by former restaurant people to meet the unique needs of your full service restaurant.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

    Its rich user interface, combining payment and HTML5 business apps, creates new experiences for consumers and merchants alike. Portable payment processing is great for delivery, kiosks and much more. Eliminates the need for a phone line or Internet connection.

  • Complete Wireless Payment Solution

    Integrate all of your favorite peripherals and accessories – secure Bluetooth technology supports wireless connectivity up to 200 meters from the communications base. Ideal for pay-at-table restaurants, or any non-counter customer present environment.

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Running a full service restaurant is hard.

We get it. Margins are tight and the competition is fierce. Anything that empowers your servers to turn more tables, serve more efficiently, and sell more high-profit items can have a huge impact on your bottom line. And the more data you have to help you make informed business decisions, the better.

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Restaurant Credit Card Processing

POS Premier gives you the freedom to choose the payment processor that's right for your business needs. Choose from our selection of top-tier payment partners and get an integrated restaurant payment solution, pay-at-table options, and the ability to easily accept all card types. Take payments faster and more securely, then invest the savings back into your business.

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